Free virtual tax clinics!
An IRCC funded website that connects newcomers with service providers across Peel and Halton

Virtual tax clinics are available to you for free!

Requests are subject to eligibility based on your household income:
Single - Up to $35 000
Couple - Up to $45 000
One adult with one child - Up to $47 500
Each additional child - $2 500

Please be prepared to provide required documentation. Some examples of documentation may include:
Charitable donations
Childcare expenses
Disability tax credit
Foreign pension
Medical expenses
Property tax
Tuition and education
Rent (Receipt or letter from landlord)

If you are interested in taking advantage of this free service, please submit your requests for Finance and Tax to any of the following service providers to receive free assistance on filing your taxes:

Catholic Crosscultural Services (Brampton) - Available until August 2020
164 Queen Street E Suite 306
Brampton, ON
L6V 1B4

Catholic Crosscultural Services (Mississauga) - Available until August 2020
3660 Hurontario Street, 7th Floor
Mississauga, ON
L5B 3C4

Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood Centre - Available until July 31st, 2020
3650 Dixie Road Suite 103
Misssissauga, ON
L47 3V9
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