Compass to Connect: A New Online Platform for Newcomers Settling in Canada

The idea of moving comes with a lot of challenges. Whether you are moving to a new home within the same city, or to another town or city, there is no situation where you will be guaranteed a stress free transitional period. All of that grows even more when you move to a whole other country.

We spoke with someone who has experienced these struggles first hand, and this is what they had to say:
"I was around 11 when my family moved to Canada, young enough to not be too affected by having my life picked up and brought across the world. Yet at the same time, I was also old enough to understand the struggles and challenges that my family faced coming into this country. This included my parents not finding good jobs in the beginning, and us trying to find a decent place to live for our first few years here.

We were just lucky enough because we had some family already living in Canada to help guide us through the earlier steps of settling. However, I also remind myself that not everyone has that luxury.

Years later, after many encounters with different people who have all experienced their own versions of what it was like to move to Canada, I find myself wondering how people navigate their way through the process. Many of these newcomers are coming into Canada without a single idea on how to settle into their new lives in their new home."
People are not blind to these issues. They know that the struggles are alive and well. That is why new projects are here to help guide newcomers through their journey. I am lucky enough to be a part of a team dedicated to helping newcomers navigate their way into their new Canadian lives. Our project? It is called Compass to Connect.